About DanceStruck

After 22 years, we are the leading dance school for progressive sequential learning. Our teachers believe each child has a unique potential and we take pride in offering high-quality dance lessons that can have a lifelong impact leading to a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. We love to dance and yours child’s love of dance will be encouraged and nurtured every step of the way.

Meet the Team

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Melissa Fennell - A,R,A.D, Artistic Director

Our Staff

Susan Argison Dancestruck

Susan Sargison - A.R.A.D, Examiner & Teacher

Gabi Millen Dance Struck

Gabi Millen - A.R.A.D., Dance Teacher

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Kamryn Schruhm - M.R.A.D, Dance Teacher

Annabelle Windsor Dance Struck

Annabelle Windsor, Dance Teacher

Royal Academy of Dance Teacher Specialist 

Melissa Fennell R.A.D RTS

Pip Thompson R.A.D RTS

southern federation of dance

Southern Federation of Dance Teacher Specialists

Melissa Fennell - M.S.F.D

Siobhan Judge - M.S.F.D

Ready Set Dance & Ready Set Ballet Teacher Specialists

Pip Thompson 

Siobhan Judge

Prianna Ho

Kamryn Schruhm

Acrobatic Arts Teacher Specialists

Melissa Fennell

Prianna Ho

aus dance vic

VCE VET Teacher Specialist

Pip Thompson

K-Pop Teacher Specialist

Minasa Visakai

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We appreciate that the only true way to see if DanceStruck is perfect to fit your child is to try a class.