We encourage growth and progression for your child through our Pathway Programs


Included in every DanceStruck Membership are the internal assessments or what we call, Checkpoints!

There are 3 check points every year to ensure students are progressing through the program with confidence. One parent can observe the checkpoint in the studio.

During scheduled class times 1st Week Term 2 At our Mid-Year Performance 1st Week Term 3 During scheduled class times 1st Week Term 4

Each checkpoint has competencies based on the class program and enables us to review each dancer and provide feedback for what they’re doing well and some opportunities for growth.

Here’s how it works:

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●      The steps are all taught to the students prior to the checkpoint, and much like a multiple-choice quiz, we assess their knowledge and progress so we can look to improve areas that aren’t as strong as others, and reinforce hard work and effort.

●      We invite 1 parent/guardian to come and observe for moral support and to also see their dancer in action!


An example of this for Ready Set Dance (Kinder age), is where we look to see how our foundations of listening and coordination are coming along.


Another example for Ballet Grade 5 Ballet (High School age) may be we ask for a few steps in each category of study: 2 exercises on the barre, 1 adage (slow) exercise, 1 allegro (elevation) exercise, a free movement exercise and a Karacter exercise, for example.


Our commitment to our dancers

DanceStruck is dedicated to not only providing fun, exciting and enriching classes socially, but memorable and lifelong skills such as goal setting and intrinsic motivation. These checkpoints provide a reminder of the progression and goals we have as dancers and also mark how far we’ve come each year.


Everyone’s dance journey is different, some prefer travelling steps that take them across the room and struggle with turning in place, others prefer turning steps but dislike the steps that move more. The checkpoints enable us to take stock and provide feedback that builds confidence and self-satisfaction at a job well done.


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