READY SET ACRO: Unleash the Power of Playful Acrobatics for Preschoolers!

Are you ready to witness your little ones soar to new heights? Look no further than READY SET ACRO, the groundbreaking collaborative acrobatic program developed in partnership with Acrobatic Arts, the industry leader in acrobatic education. Specifically designed for preschoolers, this program is tailored to emphasize safe and effective progressions that foster the physical and social skills needed for healthy early childhood development.

At READY SET ACRO, we understand the importance of laying a solid foundation for your child's growth and development.

That's why our program revolves around three key components: Stretch, Strength, and Skills. Let's take a closer look at what each of these components entails:

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Enhance flexibility and expand the range of motion in all major muscle groups. Through carefully designed exercises and activities, our instructors guide your little ones towards improving their flexibility. By incorporating stretching routines into the program, we help preschoolers develop supple bodies, ensuring they're ready to take on new challenges.

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Building physical strength and control is vital for young learners. At READY SET ACRO, we engage preschoolers in a variety of exercises that are not only fun but also designed to promote physical strength and control. Through playful movements and interactive games, we encourage the development of strong muscles, helping your child become stronger and more confident in their abilities.

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AcroDance is not just about physical prowess; it's also a gateway to social literacy and building confidence. In our program, preschoolers are introduced to a wide range of AcroDance movements that encourage exploration and self-expression. Through group activities and partner exercises, children develop social skills, teamwork, and confidence, preparing them for a lifetime of success.

But that's not all! At READY SET ACRO, we believe in creating an immersive and captivating experience for your child. That's why our program incorporates original music with lyric cues. The engaging music adds rhythm and excitement to each session, ensuring that preschoolers stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout their acrobatic journey.

So, why wait? Let your child's acrobatic adventure begin with READY SET ACRO. Join us today and watch your preschooler thrive as they stretch their limits, build strength, and develop essential skills, all while having a blast! Contact us now to enroll your little one in this extraordinary program. Together, let's unlock their full potential through the power of playful acrobatics!


Why choose Ready, Set, Acro?

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Safe and Supervised

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Rewards That Inspire

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Building Friendships And Social Literacy

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Stretch and Flex

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Get Strong and Confident

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Skills that Impress

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