Performance Opportunities

Your child’s moment in their very own spotlight !

Performances encourage confidence and build skill development in a safe space & place!

Performance Opportunities

Our programs are tailored to prepare your child these milestone events that will encourage confident & expressive personalities. All classes train technical skills, artistry & musicality however the experience of performing in front of others is the key to the development of each child’s unique character and builds a personal ‘presence’ that is evident when your child is amongst a crowd. 

We often hear “My child is shy”.  Our 23 years of successful performance seasons has shown that a shared group experience supports all levels of comfort as the camaraderie & bond is established within our class programs

Listed are a just a few of the performance opportunities we offer:

  • Internal Assessments 
  • Community Festivals
  • Mid year Onstage Performance
  • R.A.D Ballet Performance Exams
  • S.F.D. Jazz & Tap Performance Exams
  • Gala Theatre Performance

In Studio Performance

Your child’s dance year includes performances within class to an invited audience ( the parent/guardian) 

Our experience has shown that these performance events ‘in-house’ allow personal development and fulfilment within familiar surroundings in a group setting. This event is known as the“Dance Program Checkpoint”. Your dance Package includes 1 ticket to this event..

Mid Year Mini Theatre Performance

Your child’s first steps into the theatre each June is on a small scale in a professional theatrette within Monash.  Introducing the magic of the lights, back of stage areas and special surroundings is a special milestone for your child. Your dance package includes 2 tickets to this event 

End Of Year Theatre Gala Performance

Your child will be delighted by the November Gala Theatre experience at The Besen Theatre with state of the art lighting, special effects and comfortable back of stage amenities. Dazzling performance costumes, tutus and accessories adorn each child as they dance under the glow of the stage lights and applause. Your dance package includes 2 tickets to this event 

Other Dance Opportunities

Each year we connect our families to opportunities to dance, visit & or perform at iconic venues such as the Australian Ballet Complex, Melbourne University, National Theatre, local festivals and community events.  Opportunities to participate in Scholarship & Bursary events are also on offer. These are optional external events that can extend your child’s broader dance industry experience.